Founded in 1921, DOLLINGER FILTRATION developed the world’s first air intake filters used in the automotive industry. They have stayed at the forefront of filtration technology; introducing the radial fin filter element design, the StayNew Spin Filter Module, and Oil Mist Eliminators.

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Air Intake Filters and Housings 
Compressors, Blowers and Engines
Two-staged In-line Filters for Compressors and Blowers
Air Intake Filter/Silencers
Two-Stage Air Intake Filter/Silencer
Centrifugal and Axial Compressors and Blowers
Air Intake Housings from 8” to 36” Connections
Flows from 2,000 SCFM to 72,000 SCFM
Standard 24” x 24” Panel Designs
New MPV (Multiple Vee Panel) Design
StayNew Inertial Spin Filter Systems 
Self-Cleaning, Permanent Air In-Take Filter
Single Stage System – Pre-Filter to Air Intake
No Moving Parts
Rugged, High Density Polypropylene Construction
Flanged or Threaded Connections
Air and Gas Pipeline Filters and Housings
ASME Code Stamped Vessels
Coalescing Filters
Rotary Gas Meter Filters
High Efficiency Radial Fin Designs
1” through 24” Sizes
Vacuum and Suction Exhaust Filters
ASME Code Stamped Vessels
Air Exhaust Separators
High Efficiency Radial Fin Designs
1” through 24” Sizes
DOLLINGER Factory Filter Recovery CenterLiquid Pipeline Filters