Since the founding in 1885, the KAYDON CORPORATION, formerly the Bowser-Keene Corporation, has manufactured custom engineered products for industrial and military applications. KAYDON provides filtration products for aviation fuel, diesel fuel, and lubrication oils for a wide segment of industry.

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KAYDON Industrial Filters  
VKS Series to 2400 GPM
900 Series to 50 GPM
500 Series to 140 GPM
100 Series to 75 GPM
150 PSIG to 500 PSIG Ranges
Simplex and Duplex Configurations
Connections from 1 ½” to 8”
Air and Liquid Flows
PK-1 Portable Filter Cart Assembly
Filter Model 310 Light Duty 
KAYDON (TURBO-TOC) Turbine Oil Conditioners  
Model KT10OAH (100 GPM) Capacity
KL30H (30 GPM) Capacity
KL10H (10 GPM) Capacity
Guaranteed removal to water to 150 PPM
ISO 16/13 Particulate Removal Guarantee
Complete Packaged and Skidded Systems
Model 832P Kaydon/Bowser .O.C (Gravity System)
KAYDON Filter/Separators   
Model 121A Low Flow Rate Mounted Filter (20 GPM)
Model 851E Medium Flow Rate Mounted Filter (200 GPM)
Models 842H, 852B, 842G –
High Flow Rate Separators (3,600 GPM)
ASME Code Construction
Complete Packaged Systems
Particulate and Water Removal
3 Micron Absolute Filtration
Meets all ISO and ANSI/(NFPA) Standards